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CAN gas


The disposable, portable gas canisters for small quantities

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Nested Applications

CANgas Pressure Cans – The Practical Solution

CANgas Pressure Cans – The Practical Solution

High purity gases and gas mixtures are commonly manufactured in 10 or 50-liter steel or aluminum cylinders. For many applications, these delivery forms have proven to be the best solution with respect to the provided amount of gas and the practical use. However, in special applications only small quantities of gas are needed and it is inconvenient to deal with a heavy steel cylinder. In such cases, the residual gas in large cylinders will remain unused. All that is needed is a small and light gas can. For these purposes, Messer offers pressurized canisters which are named CANgas. These gas canisters are small, light, handy and can be stored almost everywhere. The handling of gas canisters is extremely simple and only the required amount of gas is provided. All gas canisters supplied by Messer are non-refillable so that they can be disposed of after usage. The canisters are made of aluminum, making them light and compatible with all common components, even reactive ones.

Messer provides an extensive range of pure gases and gas mixtures in various types of gas canisters. Test gas mixtures are delivered with a certificate of conformity which is found on the canister body label. It contains information on the exact composition, the tolerances and the stability of the gas mixture. Depending on the gas mixture, a certificate of analysis can also be supplied. It provides more detailed information on the real value of the corresponding component and its uncertainty. In order to withdraw the gases from the gas canisters, special equipment is used. 

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Nested Applications

CANgas Aerosol Canisters MA

CANgas Aerosol Canisters

Aerosol canisters are particularly lightweight. They are suitable for up to 12 liters (gas content) of non-toxic and non-corrosive pure gases or gas mixtures. Aerosol canisters have a built-in shut-off valve and are equipped with an 7/16” 28 UNEF connection.

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CANgas High Pressure Canisters MA

CANgas High Pressure Canisters

High pressure canisters with a capacity of 34, 58 and 110 liters of gas are also available. They are suitable for toxic and corrosive pure gases and gas mixtures. The built-in shut-off valve is provided with the industrial connection 5/8” 18UNF (C10).

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Nested Applications

Application of CANgas Pressure Cans

Application of CANgas Pressure Cans

Test gases are used, for example, for inspection of sensors that monitor the threshold values of toxic and flammable gases in hazardous areas or raise the alarm when environmentally hazardous substances are released. The sensors are usually tested on site using an appropriate test gas. In analytics, for instance automobile exhaust emission control (Lambda gas mixture) or blood gas analysis, operating and calibration gases in gas canisters are used when only small quantities are required. Gas canisters also provide advantages in research and development.

Every application has specific requirements concerning the gases and gas mixtures used and the optimal withdraw systems. Many pure gases and mixtures as well as valves are available for immediate delivery from stock. Whatever the conditions, we are pleased to support you.

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